RETRO | Blessings in Your Mailbox


Do you remember our Lent Blessings from last season?

This year, each blessing and illustration has been revised, updated, and printed into a collection of 40 cards to support the Lent Blessing project at DOWNTOWN CHURCH. Twenty-five courageous and committed individuals are writing and sending each of the 40 blessings during Lent.

Learn more about events in Lent.

The Back Story

Last year, the blessings featured in this card collection originated as part of a creative collaboration between Amos Disasa, Maria Fabrizio, and Emily Hylden. The idea was to write and illustrate 40 blessings - one for each day of Lent. But the real challenge was keeping each blessing simple, so simple that every blessing would fit in a 4-inch square post on Instagram.

The beauty and simplicity of the blessings surprised everyone, even the creators themselves.

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