YOUTH | This is why we youth

We want youth to leave DTC with:

  • A basic understanding of scripture (they should know Jeremiah was a prophet and that there are four gospels)
  • deep sense of God's unwavering love (there is nothing they can do to change God's mind
  • the grammar, permission, and courage to pray
  • an exposure to real models at DTC of people that are faithfully following the way of Jesus
  • meaningful experiences of service to others that require risk
  • the skill to interpret the world and culture through the lens of the Gospel
  • permission to doubt and ask questions
  • confidence that despite their relative youth, they were afforded the same respect as adults and we took them seriously.
  • a reformed understanding of how call and vocation are connected (your job is one way that you will follow Jesus)
Amos Disasayouth