SPRING | Total Table

What is better than a baker's dozen of Holy Interruptions? That’s Total Table, the DOWNTOWN CHURCH version of a supper club. If you've been making it to Sunday services for several years or just a few weeks, you already know we love traditions. Sometimes, though, we tweak them. Total Table is no different -- we’ve tweaked the supper club tradition, too. So, if you think you know supper clubs, you're in for a surprise -- a really fun surprise.

Here’s how it works. Make a reservation to attend by clicking the button below. When you make your reservation, you won't know who your host will be or who else will be there that night. That comes later.

Several days before each party, your hosts will send details to those who have reserved for their night. That's when you find out the name of your host, who the other guests will be, start time, location, menu, and how you can help. Every party is unique in its own way.

We've filled our tables for Spring. But look for our launch of Total Table in the fall.