RECESS | July 3 and 10

RECESS is a time of rest for DOWNTOWN CHURCH. God rested on the Seventh Day, so we think it’s important for the staff and volunteers of DOWNTOWN CHURCH to rest too.  RECESS is, essentially, a sabbath for the system.  We will not have worship services on Sunday, July 3rd or Sunday, July 10th.

We know you may be into a Sunday morning groove with God that you don't want to interrupt. And we've got you covered. We're providing both more and less structured activities for you and your family to experience on both Sundays during RECESS.

You can also find a different way to worship.  You can worship at another church on Sunday, explore a new part of the city, take breakfast to a neighbor, write a note of thanks or encouragement to a stranger or a friend, or collect natural things (sticks, stones, leaves, flowers) and reflect on God’s creation and creativity. You might use RECESS as a way to connect with with God in different ways and grow that relationship beyond Sunday mornings.

Whether you are an every-Sunday church goer, occasional visitor, dedicated volunteer, or paid staff member this program is an active pause for you. It's an invitation to embrace unstructured, imaginative worship.