Every week I write. While it may sound like I'm making the sermon up on the spot, I am not. I write the whole thing down beforehand. And then I read it to you. Not unlike an actor might read cue cards, or the President read a teleprompter, or you read a book out loud to a kid.

Every week I write between 1,800 - 2,500 words, depending on how excited I am about the scripture. The relationship between my excitement and the length is not what you expect. Typically the closer I am to 1,800 words, the better the sermon.

I'm not complaining, but that's a lot of words. And Sundays keep coming - you can't stop them. There's one every seven days. Forever. They are immortal.

And now, I've been told it's not enough. People I work with say that I need to write more. Specifically, this extra writing is to appear here, like a public journal that is called a blog. I'm going to be a blogger. Yay. My excitement is palpable, I'm tickled to the point of almost dying, but not because dying would be a relief from the pressure of blogging.

The working hypothesis is that other people will read whatever I write. I asked if there was any boundaries. They said no, "just write, create content, keep people interested." I asked how long will I be blogging? They said, "Forever. Blogs can't die. Blogs are immortal."

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