A Few Fresh Faces for Our Session

The leadership team of a healthy church requires just the right mix personalities, gifts, and skills. Our leaders are called "ruling elders". Together with the pastor, the ruling elders make up the Session. The Session meets monthly to conduct the official business of the church.

In the Presbyterian Church, we are guided and governed by the congregation in a “representative” form of government.  Elders are elected to serve three year terms. Each year, a class of Elders rolls off of the Session to allow for fresh faces from the congregation to serve.

The time has come for us to begin the nominations process.

The first step in electing a new class of Elders is to form a nominating committee. This committee consists of Session members and members-at-large. With prayer, thought, and discernment, this group emerges with a list of nominees for the office of Elder. The congregation then votes on this slate of officers in a congregational meeting.

Once approved by the congregation, the new Elders undergo training in preparation for their service. They are installed and ordained the January following their training.

Over the next several months, we'll be taking the necessary steps to complete the nomination and installation processes.

Here are 3 simple ways to get the nominating committee's attention

  1. Send vanilla cupcakes to the church office and write "property of Amos" with chocolate icing on top of each one.
  2. Put a $500 dollar bill in the offering bowl each Sunday for the next 6 months. Autograph it on the front and on the back write "just saying".
  3. Get a tattoo of the church's logo on your neck.