1000 Books in 1 Hand

How many books can you fit on an Amazon Kindle?


How many Kindles will DOWNTOWN CHURCH deliver to a school in Ethiopia in three weeks?


That is, if you help. Donate a world of knowledge in the form of one e-reader containing 1000 free e-books that we carefully loaded onto each device in advance of our trip September 26-October 8. The titles are literary and instructional.

The boys and girls of Bethel Evangelical Secondary School (BESS) have a desire to learn but lack some basic resources, like access to books - modern and classic.

The Kindles are sturdy, inexpensive, and have a long battery life. Administrators and teachers at our partner school will be responsible for maintaining the devices and ensuring equal and fair distribution since BESS has over 300 students.

If you don't go to Ethiopia this year, you can still be a partner by donating a library below for $75.

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