When: Sundays at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m.
Where: 701 Whaley Street
Children: Downtown Kids
Parking: Available in the paved and gravel lot at 701 Whaley, on the street, and in the marked lot on Wayne St.


Lot’s of people from many different places. In the middle of worship we take a break that we call the Holy Interruption. It’s 5-7 minutes we set aside each Sunday for you to meet the people worshipping with you. You’ll talk to students, professionals, moms, natives Columbians, Africans, kids trying to steal your cookie, skeptics, musicians, and others that are here, just like you, because they’re trying to figure out what God has do with them.

It’s not a typical church sanctuary, but it’s still a sacred place. After years of neglect, Columbia developer Richard Burts bought the old community center and renovated it. It is a thriving space that boasts office suites, live/work lofts, 701 Center for Contemporary Arts and unique spaces for event rentals. It is also home to thehallway:communityart, a showcase for local artists.  701 Whaley is a historic building with a story to tell and we’re honored to be a part of it.

Great question. We are a Presbyterian Church that appreciates the rituals and language that’s formed people for generations. But we aren’t afraid to tinker with tradition. We value simplicity and beauty in worship, so we don’t use projection screens, dress up, or leave our coffee at the door. We do receive communion each month and often we sing ancient hymns in new arrangements. It’s not easy to explain, so just come and see for yourself.

  • As long as Amos or Dawn is preaching, someone will be dressed more casual than you.

  • Everything you need to know is printed in our program, so no need to memorize creeds, prayers, responses or long scripture passages.

  • There are no assigned seats and no-one’s name is emblazoned on a chair. Sit anywhere you like. Even in the window sills. I personally prefer sitting close to the cookies and coffee.

  • Do not leave your kids at home. We have a nursery for children from infants to 3 and a children’s worship program for 4K-3rd grade. Though we are happy for you to have them in worship with you. If we can’t make church relevant for a first grader, that’s our problem, not yours.

  • If you would like to give us money in response to what you experience at worship there are several ways to help support the church: setting up an online monthly recurring gift is a big help to us for budgeting, you can also give a one time gift online, or there are offering bowls located at the doors during worship.