Here at DOWNTOWN CHURCH we do things a little different, there are no women’s guilds, senior groups, or flower committees. We don’t have monthly meetings with committees to plan for the year. We do let you have the freedom to help in a way that suits your life.

With the help of many hands, the things you like most about DOWNTOWN CHURCH happen every Sunday and throughout the week. Whether it’s a warm smile and a yummy cookie or fixing bikes and helping with DTKids, there are many ways to help. If you would like to see how you can put your hands to work, please let us know by filling out the form for the opportunities below. We will be touch to give our greatest thanks and to put you to work.

The easiest and most helpful way to get involved. Sunday greeters show up 30 minutes early and give programs and smiles to people as they arrive for Sunday worship. After worship, they stick around to help fold and stack chairs, empty the coffee pots and clean up any messes (there usually are none). It shouldn’t take more than an extra 20 minutes! We are always looking for new folks!

Do your kids go running after the Holy Interruption to join the DTKids crew? They love it and we think you will too! Everything we do in DTK is designed to help our kids grow closer to God, but they can’t do it alone!  Our leaders need assistants willing to lend a helping hand. No teaching necessary, just a willingness to help our DTKids leaders.

Admit it, cookies are a critical part of our worship service. They provide joy to our tastebuds during the Holy Interruption. They are a gift that has become a big part of our identity. If you're good with an oven mitt and a kitchen timer, consider joining.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a fellow human is to bring them food. It doesn’t have to be gourmet. We will coordinate details of individuals who are in need of a meal and any allergies or special things to know, when preparing and taking the meal.

There is an epidemic you likely don't know about. Millions of bicycles are silently struggling with shame resulting from being abandoned to the dark, stale corner of the garage or shed. Left to the rust and cobwebs, they've been abandoned by owners who trade up or lose interest in them. But there is new hope for these precious metal machines.

The Rerun Bicycle Emporium, powered by DOWNTOWN CHURCH - is now open!

Armed with impressively shiny new tools, work benches, and training from our friends at the Cycle Center, the Rerun team is ready to repair and restore your bike and repurpose it for good use.

If you're ready to serve, simply fill out this form. We'll be in touch.

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