There is an epidemic you likely don't know about. Millions of bicycles are silently struggling with shame resulting from being abandoned to the dark, stale corner of the garage or shed. Left to the rust and cobwebs, they've been abandoned by owners who trade up or lose interest in them. But there is new hope for these precious metal machines.

The Rerun Bicycle Emporium, powered by DOWNTOWN CHURCH - is now open!

Armed with impressively shiny new tools, work benches, and training from our friends at the Cycle Center, the Rerun team is ready to repair and restore your bike and repurpose it for good use.

For many of us, bicycles are a form of recreation, but for others in our city, they are an affordable mode of transportation. The bus system doesn't cover much of our city - but when paired with a bike, getting to a job interview, work, or the doctor is possible. To that end, Rerun has partnered with Transitions, a downtown transitional center for the homeless and St. Lawrence Place.  Your unused adult or children's bike can become the key to helping someone get and keep a job. 

The Rerun Bicycle Emporium is open.

If you'd like to know more about how you can get involved, complete the form at the bottom of this page and we'll be in touch.

Check out the information below to see if volunteering is right for you:

  1. I like working on bikes but I don't know how. Will there be someone there who knows what they are doing? Yes. We hope to have at least two people who can fix a bike present each Rerun workshop to teach, help, and coddle you.

  2. Will there be music? Yes. At a minimum, there will be a curated playlist playing on a PA system.

  3. Where is this bicycle fixing festival going to happen? Right across from our new church home, Central Energy. Come like you’re coming to church and you’ll see us.

  4. Can I bring my kids? Yes. Bring your dog, your neighbor, your boo, your boss. Bring them all.

  5. How can I participate if fixing metal frames isn’t my thing? Sign up below if you are available for picking up donated bikes and dropping off fixed bikes.

  6. The Rerun T-Shirts are hot! How do I get one? Show up and work.

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