First Presbyterian Leader Sample

Hello Friends. Soon we will be together in August. Both of us (Dawn and Amos, co-pastors at DOWNTOWN CHURCH) are looking forward to the visit. We are already praying for you. Please do the same for us.

So that we can know more about you, we compiled a few questions. Your responses will come directly to us and will remain anonymous.

Please don't flatter us with coded, churchy talk that people outside your tribe can't understand. We are in it but you got nothing to prove and no expectations to meet. 

What were the 2-4 main decisions, milestones, obstacles, moments that inform the present identity of the church?
Hurry up and write down the first 3 things that come to you. When all else fails, this is the stuff that will remain.
For the church--not like spiders and heights.
This will not run out, ever.